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5 Year progress, 39 years old male, 195lb to 132lb, 5’7″ : Fitness

5 Year growth, 39 years old male, 195lb to 132lb, 5’7″ : Fitness

Firstly I would love to thank everybody on r/health for all their recommendation & motivation, you guys are superior! It’s been a large lend a hand & truly helped me in my adventure. Although that is 5 12 months growth I did not get started lifting & taking health significantly till the start of 2017 after I stumbled throughout r/health.

Although I’ve a ways to move I believe that at nearly 40 I’m in higher form now then I used to be again in my 20’s!


I Separated from my ex in 2013. Weighed 195lb, smoked & drank approach an excessive amount of. Office activity & very undeserving. Decided I wished to make a metamorphosis. Initially began doing the Insanity exercises in my lounge then advanced to biking. Started with a low carb nutrition then simply merely gazing what I used to be consuming. From 2013 to 2016 I used to be yo-yo healthy eating plan & hovered round 152lb till I after all hand over ingesting & began counting energy significantly. Dropped to an excessively low weight of 118lb via the top of 2016. I sooner or later joined a fitness center on the finish of 2016. Started to carry unfastened weights in February 2017.

Lift Progress 5RM

Date September 2013 February 2017 April 2018 November 2018
Weight 195lb 118lb 174lb 132lb
Squat 45lb 200lb 180lb
Bench 45lb 170lb 160lb
Deadlift 110lb 300lb 270lb
OHP 45lb 115lb 110lb


Squat – Really discovered this workout arduous to grasp. Started with low bar, then top bar & now again to low bar.

Bench Press – This was once almost certainly one of the vital best possible workout to be informed.

Deadlift – Another tough workout to be informed. Had some actual issues retaining my decrease again from rounding. I’ve swapped to entice bar deadlifts not too long ago as I to find it more straightforward on my again.

Overhead Press – I attempted progressing in this carry too fast after I began & ended up hurting my shoulder. I swapped for seated smith OHP some time again & to find it much more simple on my shoulders.

Other workout routines –

Stats and Pictures

Comparison %: https://imgur.com/C6tWot1


2013 to 2016 – Insanity DVD & biking

2017 to 2018 – Started following a three day complete frame regimen referred to as Fierce 5. After round three months I sought after to get into the fitness center extra so I switched to the PHAT regimen which I completely beloved. Followed this for six months & I shoved a number of meals down my throat. I principally grimy bulked till I realised I had placed on a large quantity of fats on. From April 2018 I switched to the Reddit PPL which can also be discovered within the aspect bar & it is an improbable regimen. I adopted this right through my minimize. My lifts dropped a little which I anticipated on a minimize. But, relative to my present body weight my lifts have now not suffered a lot & I’m hoping that I will get those again up now I’ve began consuming at repairs.


Don’t omit to heat up & stretch. Spend the primary 10 to 20 minutes warming up sooner than you dive into lifting. Forget what different persons are lifting & how large they’re, they have got almost definitely been lifting years. Ask other people if you wish to have lend a hand or recommendation, the general public within the fitness center experience serving to. Pick a regimen that fits your targets & above all else select one that you simply experience. There’s no level doing a regimen that you simply cant stand as you’re going to now not be constant & will almost definitely part ass it.


I’ve an excessively small body & my TDEE may be very low. This brought about an issue when bulking as it was once simply really easy to over consume.

Bulking Calories – 2300.

Cutting Calories – 1400.

Macro break up – 35/35/30% C/P/F.

Supplements used – BCAA, creatine monohydrate.

Drinks – three cups of espresso according to day. Probably three beverages of alcohol according to 12 months.

Snacks – I’ve been having a carb reefed as soon as every week right through my minimize consuming numerous cereal & my favorite pancakes with peanut butter a jam……..mmmmmmmmm I will really feel one approaching presently!

Typical days consuming right through my minimize could be:

Breakfast – Protein shake.

Lunch – Brown sandwich with 100g sliced ham.

Dinner – 140g Chicken breast with steamed veg.

Supper – 40g Peanut butter, 1 apple.

Pre exercise snack – 250g Greek Yoghurt with 35g oats, banana.

My bulking days could be equivalent however i might upload some oats with breakfast, double my lunch sandwich & upload a protein shake put up exercise.

Do’s & Dont’s


  • Weigh & rely the whole lot that passes your lips together with sauces & different little issues which you could now not imagine however they do make a distinction. Get your self a just right digital meals scale & use an app like My Fitness Pal.

  • Whether your bulking or slicing be sure you weigh your self on the identical time every week after the bathroom. I take advantage of an ideal app referred to as Libra that allows you to input your weight & it provides you with a mean over the week / month.

  • Do come with a minimum of some aerobic only for cardiac well being. Your blood power & center price will thanks for it. Plus you’re going to really feel extra full of life to carry. Just do not over do it.

  • Do drink numerous water & prohibit alcohol consumption

  • Do be aware of your compound lifts, Bench, squat, deadlift, OHP. Give your entire power & effort to those & be certain that they’re first in what ever regimen you check out.

  • Do select a regimen from the aspect bar & now not check out to make your personal.


  • Don’t yo-yo nutrition. Pick minimize / bulk / care for & keep it up for no less than three months.

  • Don’t prevent consuming the stuff you experience. If they are compatible inside of your calorie allowance its advantageous. Even in the event that they dont, dont deny your self. The unusual piece of cake will make little distinction within the grand scheme of items & will stay you motivated.

  • Don’t suppose the extra you consume the extra muscle you’re going to upload. You can simplest upload a specific amount of muscle according to 12 months. There’s numerous other evaluations of this however my analysis suggests from the ground finish of round 10lb according to 12 months to round 20lb. This is for newbies & is dependant on nutrition / leisure / regimen.

  • Don’t be sacred of slicing. Keep protein top & the burden at the bar as top as conceivable & you’re going to lose little or no muscle if any.

  • Don’t be fearful of a fluctuation in scale weight. You can upload 2lb to 3lb over night time with an building up in carbs. This will stabilize over the week.

Going ahead

I’m going to care for for a few weeks then get started a gradual lean bulk with a surplus of round 200 to 300. I would like to be aware of expanding my compound lifts so I might drop the equipment slightly. I am additionally making an allowance for including 5/three/1 BBB development to PPL or will also transfer to four day 5/three/1 BBB for some time & upload 2 days of conditioning.

Thanks for studying & I am hoping any person may get some use from this put up.

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