6 day PPL 1 month in. Questions : Fitness

6 day PPL 1 month in. Questions : Fitness

As the identify says i’ve been doing the 6 day PPL for simply over 1 month now. Never had any lifting enjoy earlier than however adopted the plan totally to this point. One factor i’ve discovered is that even if it says linear development i’ve discovered that i will’t upload weight on the tempo it suggests on positive lifts like OHP and Bench. I’ve additionally discovered that i’m now not sore after exercises or exhausted/sweating mid exercise like others within the weight house. I do the workout routines to the purpose my muscle tissues tremble and just about fail at the ultimate reps of every workout and i will really feel it after every exercise however the following morning i’ve had DOMS after the primary week. Is there the rest i may well be doing flawed or is my development now not bizarre?


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