Advice on rate of weight loss : Fitness

Advice on rate of weight loss : Fitness

Hi there,

I’m 1,five month right into a caloric deficit and I’m smartly on shedding weight. I began at 92 kg and I’m now right down to 84.five kg.

As you could have spotted, that’s rather so much. My worry is, the primary month my weight loss was once stable at zero.6 – zero.eight kg a week. However, previously two weeks I’m shedding like 2 kg a week. While keeping up the very same caloric deficit as ahead of.

Should I wait to look any other week whether or not this rate maintains, or am I in point of fact consuming too little?

I’m 193 cm and now weigh 84.five kg, my caloric consumption is 1650 energy in line with day (once in a while extra if I do aerobic or paintings) is that this too little? Or do fast weight drops because of water additionally occur within the center of a vitamin?

Edit: I’m a 22 yo male


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