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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Birth Chart, Explained by an Astrologer

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Birth Chart, Explained by an Astrologer

Breaking information: the homosexual Internet labored its standard magic and located Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s time of start. Specifically, Twitter consumer @lipandbone took it upon themselves to in my view e-mail Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s group of workers, who responded with a right kind time of start. Why would any individual have an interest on this data? Well, a time of start is very important relating to the accuracy of a natal chart, which is largely an image of the sky on the time you have been born.

While it’s imaginable to finagle a model of an individual’s start chart with out their actual start time so as to in finding out what indicators the planets have been in at the day they have been born, a time of start is the overall factor that permits astrologers (and their instrument) to pinpoint the signal that used to be emerging at the horizon, which “organizes” the chart into the precise homes. As you be told extra about astrology, you already know now not simply what it way when a planet is in a particular signal, but in addition what those homes imply, and this data is lovely the most important.

All of those elements in combination (plus much more) make up a start chart — which is why astrologers are steadily chomping on the bit for the correct start occasions of public figures and could also be why astrology-savvy other people may not-so-casually ask you to your start time on a primary date.

Okay, so what’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s signal?

Like her fellow Bronx local Cardi B, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is a Libra solar with an Aries moon. That’s an ideal robust air and fireplace combo. In reality, if you happen to have a look at her chart, all of Ocasio-Cortez’s non-public planets are both fireplace or air. By non-public planets, I imply the solar (the core of the chart), the Moon (your feelings, behavior, instincts), Mercury (the way you be in contact and expand concepts), Venus (the way you specific affection and worth), and Mars (how you are taking motion).

When any person has all of those planets — plus her emerging (Sagittarius) — in fireplace and air, it creates an individual who’s passionate and action-oriented, an idea-driven communicator with a powerful seize of the intangibles. Elementally, fireplace and air feed each and every different and make each and every different more potent: the problem for any individual with this mixture is ensuring they’re grounded.

Of route, there’s a caveat to this: astrology hardly explains the whole lot about an individual, and an identical power can manifest in a different way in any individual relying on their upbringing, how they establish, their background, genetics, predisposition, existence trauma, and publicity to privilege. This is at all times vital to keep in mind. While astrology gifts a collection of equipment to paintings with, it’s now not intended to be didactic — we don’t use it to mention, “You are this sign, so you are this way.” It’s extra like, “Here’s some energy you can work with.” Regardless of the caveat, let’s have a look at how this all performs out in her chart.

What else does AOC’s chart let us know?

AOC's birth chart
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She’s a coalition-builder who places her cash the place her mouth is.

There are some DIY firebrand politicians who’re more than pleased going their very own means for his or her whole careers (a couple of people lately within the Democratic number one are evoked). And this isn’t essentially a foul factor. We want some other people in each box who’re comfy status on their very own, every now and then being that sole, unrelenting voice.

But we additionally want visionaries who wish to construct a coalition — and that’s all over the place AOC’s chart. She’s were given that backbone of metal and emotional firepower to resist assaults (hi, Aries moon), however her Libra solar — the core of her being — is pushed towards cohesion and consensus, towards bringing everybody to the desk. Her solar could also be proper subsequent to Mars, the planet of motion, which provides her an additional dose of braveness and makes it in no way unexpected that she used to be the youngest lady ever elected to Congress.


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