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Build an Effective Obstacle Course Training Plan

Build an Effective Obstacle Course Training Plan

Obstacle route racing (OCR) was once a novelty. Running up a mountain, parading in the course of the woods, and rolling in dust used to be out of the norm and thought to be “crazy.” Now OCR is among the quickest rising sports activities on the earth. Companies like Spartan race and Tough Mudder don’t have any drawback drawing crowds of hundreds of other people each weekend.


With the excessive call for, the game has developed. There is an enormous aggressive component to OCR, and it has modified what individuals imagine luck. It’s now not sufficient to complete the race. Athletes need effects.


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build an effective obstacle course training plan - Build an Effective Obstacle Course Training Plan


We now have regional and international championships for pro and age team divisions. The podium is now not reserved for the proficient athletes. Anyone who needs to coach onerous has a shot at glory. The shift from finishing touch to pageant additionally adjustments race-day preparation. To carry out your highest, you want to have a plan that systematically leads you to development. In this newsletter, you’re going to discover ways to periodize your OCR coaching to result in large effects.


There are 3 a very powerful components when coaching for OCR: working, compound lifts, and grip coaching. These not unusual threads can be found in all levels of your coaching. To construct your health for OCR, smash your coaching into 3 levels: base, depth, and race-specific.


Base for Running

Build a base for Eight-16 weeks. During this time, your focal point is to extend quantity. Much of your time all the way through the bottom section can be spent working lengthy and simple miles. Building a base improves your paintings capability for the later levels. If you might be new to working, get started with 3 days every week of straightforward miles together with one “long run” every week. A just right rule of thumb from the working international is the 10% rule: don’t build up your miles via greater than 10% each and every week.


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Running is infinitely scalable. You can at all times get quicker or run longer. This is why it’s the maximum a very powerful piece of any OCR plan. An epidemic working wild in OCR is racing too continuously and now not permitting time to construct a base. It is hard to support with out good enough time to arrange on your race and coaching season.


Base for Strength

Your base energy will support your energy output, joint balance, and muscle recruitment. Compound lifts would be the keystone of your energy actions. Incorporate squats, deadlifts, lunges, and urgent. Linear development is time-tested in relation to energy. Try strategies like Five-Three-1 or 5×5 to look development all the way through your base section. A just right base of energy can also be carried out in two days every week for Eight-12 weeks.


Base for Grip

Use your base section to discover a baseline on your grip energy. During this time, take a look at your grip with other hand and arm positions.


During an OCR pageant, take a look at your max useless grasp, bent arm holds, and chin over the bar holds. From right here, you’ll paintings on stand-alone exercises on your other grip permutations to construct on strengths and support weaknesses.


Try the next:



  • Three x max useless grasp
  • Tabata bent arm grasp
  • Bent arm shoulder faucets
  • Towel hangs


Once you whole your base energy, you’ll crank up the depth. Begin your depth section with a baseline race or time trial. You’ll wish to quantify development all the way through this section.


Plan your depth section for Four-Eight weeks with a “down” week each Three-Four weeks.


Running Intensity

In OCR, you’re going to run flat, uphill, and downhill. So, you want to paintings on all of those components. The exercises can keep the similar around the ups, downs, and residences for simplicity sake.


Try the next:


  • Five x Three mins at sub 5K effort
  • 2-minute relaxation between units


You can simply do that exercise on residences or uphill. Increase your tempo or period each and every week for Three-Four weeks. Downhill periods are logistically tough, however a slight downhill is healthier than no downhill. Increase the choice of reps to fulfill the specified quantity.


Strength Intensity

Your energy depth exercises will glance so much like your standard metcon. These exercises will come with compound lifts that can tax your muscular staying power and cardio capability. Your energy depth section will get ready you for speedy transitions between stumbling blocks, switching stimulus at a excessive stage whilst bettering muscular staying power.


Classic CrossFit exercises like Helen, Jackie, and Fran are just right examples of energy depth for OCR.


Grip Intensity

Your grip depth builds self assurance when drawing near race stumbling blocks whilst fatigued. These exercises lend a hand your grip staying power beneath fatigue.


Try this:


  • Tabata-style useless grasp
  • 20 seconds of striking adopted via a 10-second relaxation
  • As many rounds as imaginable


Grip Metcon:


Four rounds

  • 15 burpees
  • 20 shoulder faucets
  • 15 leaping lunges
  • Max pull ups
  • Rest 1 min


Race-Specific Running Phase

During an OCR, you’re going to run up mountains, via dust, throughout creeks, and thru thick brush. All those components will smash your rhythm, so you want to arrange. The goal of those runs can be to maintain a transfer in stimulus and to find your house base effort.


Run exercises:


Hills + Tempo – run hills onerous adopted via secure state pace


Three rounds

  • Three x 60-second hill repeats
  • 7 minute at marathon tempo after the 3rd repeat
  • Rest Three mins


OCR Tempo Runs:


  • 30 mins of constant paintings
  • Five mins at half-marathon tempo
  • 15 leaping squats
  • 10 burpees
  • 15 leaping lunges


Race-Specific Strength Phase

These exercises will focal point in your carries and high-output stumbling blocks like partitions and hurdles.


Carry exercises can be combined with working or every other minimal impact, high-output job like rowing or the attack motorcycle. During this section, it is possible for you to to paintings on heavy high-output actions whilst fatigued.


For instance:


Five rounds

  • 30-second attack motorcycle at 95-100%
  • 30 seconds heavy farmers stroll
  • Rest 1 min


Sandbag Hill Intervals:

  • 2 min run at threshold tempo
  • 2 min sandbag raise
  • 2 min run at threshold tempo


Race-Specific Grip Phase

Your grip exercises can also be labored into an extended exercise with compound strikes and working. Stretch the period of your grip exercises via including working, rowing, or attack motorcycle periods. Do your highest to return off of the former actions fatigue to simulate race-day prerequisites.


Three rounds

  • 500m row
  • Towel grasp pulses


Race Simulation Progression

Three weeks from the race, pick out an afternoon to have a race simulation. Your race simulation can also be as much as 75% of the period of the race. If your pageant is more or less 60 mins lengthy, then goal for a 45-minute exercise the place you incorporate the entire components of working, energy, and grip.


10 minute heat up then Five rounds (no relaxation) adopted via a 10-minute cooldown:


  • Five min at half-marathon tempo
  • 2 min raise
  • 20 shoulder faucets
  • No relaxation between rounds


Plan Ahead

To succeed in your highest leads to OCR you want to have a plan to steer you to luck. The levels of your coaching plan are a very powerful. Your base gives you a robust basis, your depth will make you rapid, and your race specificity will educate you what to anticipate at the route. With the improvement of a sensible revolutionary program, you’re going to to find your self in podium rivalry.

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