Can you fix a straight underbutt? : Fitness

Can you fix a straight underbutt? : Fitness

So most of the people have this sort of form below their however the place it is like a crescent moon below every cheek however mine is simply a straight line. No curve to it in any respect! I am 33 and kinda skinny however I believe like I’ve a 50 yr olds ass. Is there in truth any method to spherical out the underbutt with out surgical operation? Cause I’m a overall H flatline whilst maximum everybody else I do know has some roughly curve. Just to be transparent I am lookin like (_ | _) whilst maximum butts I see are like ( )( ) and I ponder whether it is even price making an attempt for me. I’ve a lovely large butt it is not like I haven’t any form I simply surprise why maximum butts curve up towards the ground of the crack and mine is like nah we are gonna hang around down right here.


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