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Considering a maintenance break for the first time in my journey : loseit

Considering a maintenance break for the first time in my journey : loseit

I’ve been dropping hardcore for about ten months now, and excited about and researching it for about a yr sooner than that. I’ve discovered methods to make do on 1200-1400 energy according to day, I’ve discovered methods to care for social occasions, and I’ve remodeled my courting with my frame, with meals, and with how I provide myself to the international. I’ve gotten truly excellent at meal prep and made adjustments that I if truth be told need to deal with for the remainder of my existence.

But presently, I’m exhausted and annoyed. I’m burnt out, each with weight reduction and in a number of different spaces of my existence. I’m running just about consistent 14-18 hour days and now not getting just about sufficient sleep, and there’s now not a break in the horizon till May. I’ve been suffering with my deficit for the previous two weeks, and I’m beginning to suppose that possibly it gained’t simply cross this time. So I’m taking into consideration consciously consuming at maintenance for about a month.

I’ve been studying via posts right here from other folks, and the general public say that a maintenance break helped reset them and their motivation. I’m preventing the voice in my head that’s telling me that preventing my deficit is a failure, as though the 75 lbs I’ve misplaced in the previous ten months isn’t a victory in and of itself. I totally intend to stay logging, stay weighing in, and to stick attached right here and in different puts I’ve discovered motivation – I simply suppose that this season of my existence may not be conducive to weight reduction, and I feel that’s going to need to be ok.

So inform me about your guidelines and methods for taking a maintenance break, and what shocked you about it. Hell, inform me if you happen to suppose that is a large mistake that I’m making.

Part of what I’ve discovered via this revel in is how essential it’s to hear my frame, and I believe like that is what it’s telling me I want to do.


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