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Counting calories for the first time. I’m shook. : loseit

Counting calories for the first time. I’m shook. : loseit

Okay, so I have all the time identified you might be intended to do it and it is numerous paintings.

I would simplest ever casually glanced at the calorie content material… figuring it used to be “normal” and I used to be having a “normal meal.”

But holy shit!

I simply had 1120 calories for breakfast and all I had used to be espresso and a bowl of cereal!!!

I downloaded the Google Sheets app and made a spreadsheet. I believe it will be more uncomplicated to stay alongside of than a health app since all I would like is a day by day document of overall calories ingested.

I open the app, faucet on my spreadsheet, and I’m in a position to enter a bunch and shut it.

I even have a column reserved for “beer calories” and one for “drunk munchies” so I will see how a lot my alcoholism is contributing to my weight problems.

In the long run, if I would like, I will open it on a pc and generate some graphs from the information.


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