Did Prince William Cheat on Kate Middleton with Friend Rose Hanbury?

Did Prince William Cheat on Kate Middleton with Friend Rose Hanbury?

Royal uh-oh! A rift between the Duchess of Cambridge and one in every of her pals has rumors swirling that Prince William may have cheated on Kate Middleton. Now—to start with, it’s most likely no longer true, proper? These dishonest rumors are all the time swirling about high-profile and the royals aren’t immune, even though they’ll seem to be. But there’s something going on between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their pals, Rose Hanbury and her husband.

Apparently, Princess Kate and Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley (that’s a mouthful of a name), was just right pals. Now, they’re “now not tight.” There are resources claiming that Middleton has been urging her Prince to out Hanbury and her older husband from their shut circle of pals. So if that’s true, then one thing surely went down. But what? In the entire protection up till now, no person has been ready to indicate to a selected reason why for the rift.

In a column for the Daily Mail, royal professional Richard Kay mentioned that each the Prince and the Cholmondeleys have “regarded as criminal motion.” Now, this provides a layer to the tale this is way more suspicious as a result of involving a court docket or criminal help of any type may recommend one thing extra severe than simply a controversy has taken position. Why hassle with attorneys if it’s simply two girls no longer getting alongside?

Well, it sounds as if rumors of a romance between Prince William and Hanbury were simmering. And the day gone by Giles Coren, a well-connected member of the British media who has been reporting on the royals for years, tweeted that he knew in regards to the affair. He relatively glibly responded to a tweet about suspicions writing, “yes. it is an affair. i haven’t read thee piece but i know about the affair. everyone knows about the affair, darling. even us jews. (although admittedly i’m quite a posh jew – if such a thing exists.” (He deleted the tweet, however it used to be screenshotted for us all to look.)

 Theres a Rumor That Prince William Cheated on Kate Middleton with Her Ex Friend

Giles Coren/Twitter.

So what can we make of this? Well, rumors are now and again simply rumors and Coren may well be fanning the hearth. He has a name for in the hunt for controversy and being deliberately provocative. We will have to completely take this all with a grain of salt. Last 12 months, the British and U.S. media latched onto a tale (that had no legs) in regards to the Beckhams breaking apart. “Victoria and David’s marriage is over!” headlines learn. But alas, there used to be no reality to the rumors.

STYLECASTER | Celeb Cheating Scandals | David and Victoria Beckham

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images.

They have been rooted in not anything however hypothesis. We’re hoping (and suspecting) that that’s precisely what is going on right here with Prince William and Middleton. Honestly? They were symbols of circle of relatives, love, humility and—maximum of all—amusing!

Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton

Paul Grover- WPA Pool/Getty Images.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.

STYLECASTER | Kate Middleton Fashion

Jason Reed – Pool /Getty Images.

STYLECASTER | Kate Middleton Fashion

Chris Jackson/Getty Images.

The couple that performs in combination, remains in combination, proper?

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Kate Middleton Prince William Soccer.


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