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Do you eat the same thing every day? : loseit

Do you eat the same thing every day? : loseit

I learn this newsletter whilst having my common afternoon snack of a small container of Fage yogurt, which I virtually all the time have at about three:30 pm every workday.

The People Who Eat the Same Meal Every Day, by way of Joe Pinsker at The Atlantic:

Nearly every workday for the previous 5 or so years, someday all the way through the 1 o’clock hour, I’ve assembled a kind of similar plate of meals: Bean-and-cheese comfortable tacos (crowned with vegetables, salt, pepper, and sizzling sauce), with child carrots, tempeh, and a few fruit on the facet. And virtually invariably, I see the same colleague in our communal kitchen, who asks with pleasure, “Joe, what are you having for lunch today?” The varieties of bean and cheese rotate, as does the fruit—which depends upon the season—however I don’t tell my co-worker of those permutations once I chortle off her very artful and humorous query.

Not simply lunch for me — breakfast, dinner and afternoon and night snacks, taken at about the same time every day. Not the same issues, however decided on from a restricted selection of possible choices. I am slightly glad with the meals, and it limits cognitive overhead.

This trend has additionally been essential to my weight reduction and well being. If I am making fewer possible choices, I’ve fewer alternatives to make unhealthy possible choices.


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