DXA Test Said I had 32.9% Body Fat but I thought I was fit… Advice please! : Fitness

DXA Test Said I had 32.nine% Body Fat but I thought I was are compatible… Advice please! : Fitness

After figuring out for roughly 1-2 years I determined to after all take a DXA take a look at to determine my frame fats proportion. My house scale says 25% but I didn’t in reality agree with it, I thought it was decrease. My BMI is 22, weight is 114 and peak is Five’zero. I’m 25.

Here’s an image of the way I glance these days:

So my corporate presented a maintain BodyScan and took a DXA scan and it gave me… 32.nine% frame fats. I may now not imagine it.

I’m somebody that considers herself to be a blank eater, move to the fitness center a minimum of semi-regularly, and I assume glance lovely excellent regardless that I may stand to lose a couple of kilos. (see image taken these days.) I indubitably really feel like I devour more fit and move to the fitness center greater than maximum of my average-sized friends regardless that I’m indubitably now not on the athlete/bodybuilder standing. How may I be within the overweight vary?

From October 2017 to June 2018 I labored out about 2-Thrice per week for an 1hour to 2hours, 15 minute jog, a lot of ab workout routines. Working with 15-25lb dumbbells on arm and leg workout routines, generally Five-7 reps and 2-Three units.

Then I were given busier after I modified jobs and now I determine possibly 1-2 instances per week now for 30-45 mins which isn’t nice but I’m now not sedentary at all times. I additionally do a large number of dancing and take a high-energy dance magnificence as soon as per week.

Could I have misplaced all of the ones beneficial properties simply from this previous duration?

I additionally wiped clean up my vitamin, I’m already pescatarian but now I hardly devour pasta, and different carb-y meals. I know I don’t devour sufficient protein but my standard vitamin is entire grain cereal, poke bowl, fish, Morning Star soy merchandise. Also I paintings in a tech corporate that serves foods but handiest has somewhat wholesome meals. I hardly have “cheat days” and when I do it’s one thing like fried fish or a fishburger I can if truth be told really feel how fatty the meals is sitting in my abdomen on account of my blank consuming. Also don’t drink alcohol very a lot.

After doing all this, how may I nonetheless be “skinny fat??” Would love some solutions or a truth test.

tl;dr Body scan instructed me I have 32.nine% BF and based totally off my present look/way of life I’m in reality at a loss for words.


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