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Falling off the wagon at maintenance and at home : loseit

Falling off the wagon at maintenance and at home : loseit

For reference, I hit my goal the week ahead of final – I am five foot three and I went from 210 to 135 the use of Slimming World.

My #1 cause is being at home with my circle of relatives. I are living away, however I am recently again for round 10 days (time off ahead of shifting for a brand new process). I truthfully can not inform you how a lot I have eaten: +3000 energy maximum days simply. It hasn’t proven on the scale but (I’ve a thyroid factor that can be rearing its head once more, however that is every other topic) and I ponder whether that is convincing me it is OK to proceed? My circle of relatives helps to keep giving me all types of chocolate and candies as smartly – all the strength of will I spent the final 15 months build up turns out to have vanished! I do know that I’m going to be away quickly, however any concepts on find out how to paintings previous this in long term? My foods normally were OK however my abdomen simply appears to be a bottomless pit for snacks.

Having a regimen at my previous home helped me out so much, and I am scared that shifting to a brand new space and beginning once more will put an actual spanner in the works, specifically as I am new to maintenance and have not actually executed it at all since I reached my goal, to be truthful – any reassuring phrases can be a lot preferred! Thank you 🙂


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