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Food Politics by Marion Nestle » Industry-funded research journal: potatoes

Food Politics by Marion Nestle » Industry-funded research magazine: potatoes

Since my guide Unsavory Truth got here out overdue closing 12 months, I’m posting occasional contemporary examples of problems I mentioned in it.  Today’s factor: business investment of research on potatoes of all issues.

I’m neatly mindful that the function of white potatoes within the U.S. nutrition is hotly contested.   The EAT-Lancet file I wrote about just lately advises in opposition to consuming potatoes:

Potatoes, despite the fact that containing huge concentrations of potassium and a few different nutrients, supply a big quantity of impulsively absorbed carbohydrate, or glycaemic load. Daily intake has been related to larger chance of kind 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight acquire.

Obviously, the potato business wish to counter advise like that.  Its Alliance for Potato Research & Education is dedicated to exactly that reason.  The Alliance explains that it’s “Dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of the role potatoes play in promoting the health of all people.”  It problems grants for as much as $200,000 for “nutrition research proposals that help to advance scientific knowledge on the role of potatoes in various health outcomes” (the 2019 closing date simply handed).

But I’ve simply realized that the potato business publishes its very personal research magazine: the American Journal of Potato Research.   It s subtitle: The Official Journal of the Potato Association of America, described as “A Professional Society for Advancement of the Potato Industry.”

Surprisingly, the papers on this magazine are at the back of a paywall.  If the business needs its research to be learn and digested (sorry), I might suppose its papers could be open get admission to (I used to be in a position to get this via NYU’s library).

One paper specifically stuck my eye:

Invited assessment: Potatoes, Nutrition and Health Katherine A. Beals.  American Journal of Potato Research, 2018.

Conclusion:  Until we now have higher research, “dietary guidance should continue to stress the importance of healthy eating patterns that consist of a variety of vegetables, including nutrient dense potatoes.”

Author’s investment disclosure: none.

Comment:  Evidently, this magazine does now not require authors to expose investment.  Or most likely each paper on this magazine is subsidized by the potato business?  Dr. Beals’ c.v. discloses consulting for the Potato Board.

I revel in consuming potatoes and examine their results on well being as relying on how they’re ready, how a lot is eaten, and the way incessantly.

The goal of potato-sponsored research is to solid doubt on research suggesting that consuming much less of them could be higher on your well being.  When you spot research of potatoes and well being, be sure you ask who paid for them.


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