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Food Politics by Marion Nestle » Weekend reading: The Grand Food Bargain

Food Politics by Marion Nestle » Weekend studying: The Grand Food Bargain

Kevin D. Walker.  The Grand Food Bargain and the Mindless Drive for More.  Island Press, 2019. 

Food Politics by Marion Nestle » Weekend reading The Grand Food Bargain - Food Politics by Marion Nestle » Weekend reading: The Grand Food Bargain

I did a blurb for this one:

A former USDA insider’s account of what our Grand Food Bargain—a machine considering ever-increasing manufacturing of inexpensive meals—in reality prices Americans unwell, environmental degradation, and lack of agrarian values and neighborhood.  Walker’s perspectives are smartly price studying for his insights into how our meals machine must be reworked

Some snippets:

  • Early farm expenses, offered to the general public by promising extra meals with much less uncertainty, have been designed to stabilize meals costs and building up farm source of revenue.  Eight a long time later, new farm expenses are nonetheless being enacted in spite of moderate farm source of revenue way back surpassing non-farm source of revenue and proceeding meals surplus.  Each new invoice is an more and more expensive clutch bag of subsidies and protections, which invariably draws extra hobby teams and lobbying.  Other than free connections to agriculture, no coherent coverage path exists (p. 91).
  • Narrow [scientific and technical] experience by myself, for instance, does now not cope with the connections amongst emerging charges of weight problems, exhaustion of fossil waters, escalating nitrous oxide within the setting, noxious weeds proof against legacy insecticides, rising antibiotic resistance—all of the results of how the fashionable meals machine operates and the way society now lives (p. 114).
  • As refined monetary methods are grafted onto the fashionable meals machine, extra mergers and acquisitions by ever-larger multinational firms apply.  Food is not valued for its skill to maintain existence, however just for its skill to become profitable.  Whether upper returns come from squeezing farmers underneath contract to develop pigs or poultry, making a monopoly on seeds that may be doused with chemical substances, or promoting meals weighted down with reasonable energy makes no distinction (p. 141).

Walker’s treatment?  Let meals be our trainer.  It’s price studying what he manner by this.


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