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Fruity Pebbles pie! : FoodPorn

Fruity Pebbles pie! : FoodPorn–Bake-Cheesecake-Recipe-41161818

I used this recipe as the bottom, however added much more cereal. Here’s what I did:

I used 6 cups of cereal. I soaked three cups of cereal in three cups of cream for 24 hours (within the refrigerator) to get a “cereal milk” taste. I used the opposite three cups for the crust/shell. After soaking, I put the cereal/cream combine thru a strainer and squeezed as a lot of the cream out of the cereal as I may just. I then used about two cups of the rainy cereal within the step that requires blending cereal into the cheesecake combination. I added one cup of the “cereal milk” cream to the recipe, then used the remaining as whipped topping. It was once marvelous, and actually reduce down the bitter cream cheese taste (which I did not suppose labored all that neatly).


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