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Had a bad couple weeks and feel like im failing : loseit

Had a bad couple weeks and feel like im failing : loseit

LTL, FTP on cell sorry for formatting. I began the usage of MFP a week or two into January and have since misplaced 20lbs (five’three” SW: 210) and used to be feeling nice. Then about two weeks in the past we might cross to a couple circle of relatives dinners and I might put out of your mind to log, however since then it is been a slip right here, an unlogged snack there, and has now became all of my outdated conduct that were given me to over 200lbs. Tracking what I ate used to be operating in point of fact smartly for me, however falling off the wagon as soon as has simply made me feel so defeated. I understand it’s foolish to believe your automotive totaled for a chip within the windshield, however I am simply no longer certain find out how to get remotivated. I’m afraid to peer the wear that I have carried out and the exhausting paintings I have sabotaged, so I have not weighed myself in about 1.five weeks (in most cases do one weekly weigh in)


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