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Hamentashen fillings : AskCulinary

Hamentashen fillings : AskCulinary

Hey All,

For the ones accustomed to Jewish tradition and baking – Purim is the next day to come! I’ll be baking hamentashen with my circle of relatives as in step with same old. I’m questioning if any of you’ve gotten any tips for some fascinating fillings. Of direction, we do raspberry and the standard fruit jams. But remaining 12 months I were given an overly fascinating goat cheese filling recipe that was once an enormous hit. I’m in search of fascinating ones like that. Anyone have any pointers!!

Oh, and when you have been , it was once principally goat cheese, apricot preserves, some honey, and beaten almonds. I’ll be making the similar this 12 months. But in search of some new selection to throw into the combination.


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