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Heart Rate 190+ while jogging? : loseit

Heart Rate 190+ while jogging? : loseit

Hey everybody, I’ve been a lurker on r/loseit for awhile now and while I believe this query has been requested earlier than, I used to be curious as to whether someone may supply an evidence.

I’m a 20 yo Male. I’ve been figuring out and cleansing up my vitamin since January 4th and controlled to chop down from 310 to 265 as of this previous Sunday (with an eventual purpose weight of 180). My query stems from the truth that even with my 44lb weight reduction, and weightlifting/aerobic for the previous few months my center price is round 190 when jogging at the treadmill (consistent with my fitbit). Does this appear to be a deadly stage? Is there a explanation why I haven’t noticed any actual growth? I perceive I must most certainly get a docs opinion if I’m fearful, however I’m curious if someone else has been on this scenario.

Thanks upfront!

TLDR; OP misplaced 44lbs, can now jog 10 mins as an alternative of two mins at a reasonable tempo however nonetheless has a center price of 190.

Edit; I’m 6ft


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