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Help brainstorming easy healthy cooking for two very incompatible people? (Middle Eastern vs Eastern European, +Crohn’s) : AskCulinary

Help brainstorming easy healthy cooking for two very incompatible folks? (Middle Eastern vs Eastern European, +Crohn’s) : AskCulinary

I am not certain if my very normal and lengthy submit will likely be suitable however this appeared probably the most appropriate subreddit.

Basically, I am a housewife, and despite the fact that my boyfriend is totally k with my now not cooking, I actually need to devour higher however it is tough as a result of *a)*he by no means desires to devour once I ask him previously, is very choosy and refuses to devour at pre-set occasions; *b)*I am recognized with ADHD signs and feature a VERY exhausting time following recipes with greater than 5 components; and *c)*we proportion virtually no meals likes in not unusual, plus he has many intolerances.

My form of cooking when I used to be residing by myself used to be most commonly beans with meat, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, random curry soups (sausage carrot milk curry bean soup ftw), bean burgers, quite a lot of sauteed onions and cauliflowers, most often purchasing numerous fundamental protein components on cut price and throwing them in combination in a pan with rice, spices, herbs, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. I additionally like making polenta and risotto.

We each like: cheese, butter, bitter cream, pasta, spinach, savory crepes, grilled cheese sandwiches, roasted potatoes, sauteed carrots and peas, couscous, bread, onions.

He dislikes or can’t devour: virtually any meat except for infrequently rooster, beans, RICE, tomatoes, corn, cabbage, kohlrabi, uncooked vegetables, an excessive amount of oil (you’ll be able to see the place the dairy turns into an issue), porridge, apples, coconut or coconut milk, soy, tofu, crispy fried meals, chickpeas, sprouts, grains.

I dislike: bland omelette (his primary meals), French toast and maximum candy issues normally, bell peppers, celery, cilantro, mushrooms, olives, transparent soups like pho. I will be able to tolerate however would quite now not devour: potato pancakes, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, sesame.

I might love to make some form of healthy vegetable stew with out simply making it flavored bitter cream, however I’ve a difficult time pondering out of doors tomatoes since I in most cases put them in EVERYTHING. I really like that robust umami style and salty meals, whilst the issues he likes appear very bland to me. For instance, I may make simply roasted carrots with onions however that tastes like grandma meals and I will be able to’t carry myself to waste product simply to place it on pasta with none style. Vegetable soup with out meat, beans, rice or coconut milk is kinda now not even meals to me. We wouldn’t have an oven so roasted potatoes with toppings are out, despite the fact that I may check out to make pan fried potatoes much less oily.

A large worry is having the meals ready to be reheated, I stay making plans to make orzo pasta risotto however he is by no means hungry when I will be able to cook dinner and I am certain he’s going to refuse it as leftovers. I’ve a sense that cauliflower may stay higher, what’s an effective way to make it? I do not believe cauliflower will likely be that excellent for him despite the fact that

Is there ANYTHING we will be able to in finding in not unusual but even so cheese, please lend a hand me 😀 I might like to respond to any questions or listen any ideas or stories from someone who is ever had a palate incompatibility and so forth.


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