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Hot foods prepared directly on granite countertop : AskCulinary

Hot foods prepared directly on granite countertop : AskCulinary

Really no longer positive the place this query is going, so made up our minds to start out right here. I’m shifting into an rental with granite counter tops within the kitchen. I am already having fantasies about laminating croissant dough. There’s every other dish I have not made shortly known as khandvi, which is a batter made out of cooked chickpea flour and and yogurt, unfold over a groovy floor to a paper-thin thickness, then rolled up into little spirals and spiced. What I wish to know is:

  1. Will pouring scorching chickpea batter crack the chilly granite?

  2. Will the sealer on the granite leach into or arise off the outside and get into my khandvi (or croissant dough) and

  3. Is that poisonous?

If this isn’t the proper sub for this query, any individual please inform me the place to head. Thanks!

EDIT: The recipe connected right here has no longer been examined by way of me, it is simply to present an concept to people who don’t seem to be conversant in khandvi. It’s scrumptious!
EDIT 2: FYI, the granite is emblem spanking new, if that issues.


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