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How do I save burnt onions : AskCulinary

How do I save burnt onions : AskCulinary

I used to be creating a dipping sauce for udon noodles and unintentionally forgot to cut back the warmth of my burner when cooking some onions. Some of the onions were given scorched, however a small quantity that I figured I may save it and pressed on. This used to be additionally the closing of the onions I had. I notice the very first thing I must have accomplished used to be transfer pans to 1 that does not have all that additional burnt onion on it. So after including garlic, Ginger, soy sauce and mirin, it nonetheless had a considerable amount of burnt taste to it. I attempted to masks it with a little bit of scorching sauce, pink wine vinegar, curry powder, and honey in that order. In the tip I had one thing that tasted nice, simple task now not the unique objective even though. I used to be additionally by no means in a position to fully conceal the burnt taste, even though I lessened it fairly a little bit. Is there anything I may have accomplished as opposed to trashing the onion totally?


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