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How to eat salads?!

How to eat salads?!


I recently weigh in at 250lb, I have already misplaced 50lb thus far so
I am doing good enough.

I’ve an issue with getting sufficient veg and “healthy” meals in
my vitamin. I completely cannot stand salads, I’ve attempted the entire
other leaf sorts and the feel of them totally throws me
off and I in most cases finally end up gagging on it. I will’t stand tomatoes,
cucumbers, celery, cress, radish or some other conventional “salad”

Its now not via laziness I do not eat them, I get ready beautiful
taking a look salads for my husband, I simply do not like the rest in

How can I make one thing that is identical to a salad for my paintings
lunches? Is it conceivable? Rice and meat is not anyplace close to as
wholesome as a bowl of salad..

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