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Is it unhealthy to eat only 1 meal a day? : loseit

Is it unhealthy to eat only 1 meal a day? : loseit

I defined to my spouse that I think like if I eat a huge meal, it holds me over for just about all of the day. So I’ve been intermediate fasting, consuming only 1 huge meal a day, from time to time I would possibly eat a small cup of inexperienced beans or chopped carrots in between if I am getting actual hungry, and I do give myself breaks the place I snack in the course of the day or eat three foods for a day to stay issues from getting stale. For probably the most phase I have stayed at 1 huge meal a day and I have misplaced more than likely 20-25 lbs once more, with more than likely 100 or so extra to lose.

My spouse insists that 1 meal a day is unhealthy and is educating my youngsters an unhealthy consuming addiction.

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