Is Push/Pull/Legs worth it for "beginners"?

Is Push/Pull/Legs worth it for "beginners"?

Okay, so I'm 18, five'7 (yeah, I do know) weight round 145lbs, have a fats index of round 12% to 15% and feature at all times been relatively energetic because of weight problems. I've accomplished over three years of muay Thai, 2 of taekwondo, swimming, and many others.

Anyway, you get the purpose, I’m certainly not "weak" or new to workout routines themselves. However, subsequent week I'm gonna get started going to fitness center, first time in reality dealing with weights. Since I will be able to cross each day but even so weekends, I'm considering of doing a Push/pull/leg cut up. But I generally see it's simplest suggest for complex coaching.

Is there any drawback or advantages to doing it as a "beginner", being I’m decently are compatible and powerful?

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