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I’ve decided to commit to my health for the first time in my life. : loseit

I’ve decided to commit to my health for the first time in my existence. : loseit

I don’t need to divulge an excessive amount of about myself, however to put it merely, all my existence I’ve disregarded my personal health. I’ve performed lots of video video games, ate what I sought after, and for the maximum phase by no means in reality confronted any penalties.

However, I feel over the remaining month I’ve began to get up and understand that I’m inches clear of turning into an grownup (I’m 17), and that I want to cope with the state of affairs I’m in. I received’t be in a position to lift this sedentary way of life and reside a contented, wholesome existence.

Reddit, I want some critical encouragement. It’s now not going to be simple for me to trade my existence like this, however I feel if I will grind arduous sufficient, I’ll be in a position to do it. Also, if any of you might be in (kind of) the similar state of affairs, be happy to achieve out. Could use some enhance right here.


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