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Just a big pile of freshly cooked bacon bits : FoodPorn

Just a big pile of freshly cooked bacon bits : FoodPorn

No, I intended it as exact Food Porn. I might do relatively a bit for bacon.

Additionally, this took over 45 mins which wasn’t intense however I believe gets rid of the low effort bit even supposing the image isn’t as sexy as I’d like. Somehow I cook dinner nice meals that appears like crap in my photos. :/

This remark has a bit of a satirical/sarcastic tone, however no disrespect intended to u/greenw40. I agree wholeheartedly that low high quality posts from this sub display up all too steadily in my feed. In this situation I’m accountable of posting a poorly offered image of one thing wonderful (2 lbs of bacon bits) and settle for duty and downvoting for my motion. I do want extra crap posts had been moved out of right here regardless that I believe folks use this sub bc r/meals has stricter identify necessities.


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