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Looking to bring my cooking skills to the next level but never work as a chef

Looking to bring my cooking skills to the next level but never work as a chef

Hi everyone,

Over the previous few years I’ve discovered that I LOVE to cook dinner. Having an aquaintance take a look at my meals and really revel in it’s one in all the best possible emotions ever. I envy the skills possessed via each the Michelin superstar cooks and the wonderful native cooks that cook dinner of their meals truck. I would like to broaden a base of culinary skills and data that can permit myself to experiment with growing distinctive dishes at the skilled level. I would like to be told even the most simple of the fundamentals accurately (for instance, correct knife method).

That being mentioned, I’ve no real interest in ever operating as a chef in a eating place. I know the way laborious the activity is, and I wouldn’t remaining a 2nd. Cooking is a passion to me, and I might purely use those skills to cook dinner for myself, my circle of relatives, my buddies, and my coworkers. I don’t have any formal coaching in the culinary box, on the other hand my folks do personal a eating place and I labored there from 13-21 as a busser/server/host.

I’m very privledged to be a smartly compensated skilled in some other box, and feature the possibility to scale back my work agenda to as little as one 12hour shift a week whilst nonetheless incomes sufficient to reinforce my circle of relatives conveniently. This opens up the possibility of attending culinary faculty only to pursue my passion of cooking. I additionally am ready to have enough money to attend single-session cooking categories on a common foundation if I had been to no longer attend culinary faculty.

MY QUESTION: In your opinion, what’s the best possible means to cross about finding out to cook dinner at a skilled level without a goal of operating as a chef?

From the studying I’ve completed in this subreddit, it kind of feels that culinary faculty would train a lot of subject matter this is most effective relevent to cooks operating in the trade and thus it could no longer be very sensible for me. My worry of self-teaching by way of youtube/books is that I’ve no person comparing/critiquing my method and dishes, making growth a lot more tricky. Cooking categories solves this, but most certainly received’t duvet the whole thing. Anyone else ever do that? Any recommendation?


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