Meghan McCain Pushes Myth That Women’s Health Advocates Support Infanticide

Meghan McCain Pushes Myth That Women’s Health Advocates Support Infanticide

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Meghan McCain simply equated abortion get admission to with infanticide in a reckless Wall Street Journal op-ed.

“There are many complicated debates to be had about abortion, and as unapologetic pro-lifers we want to have those conversations based on compassion and science. But infanticide isn’t complicated,” McCain and co-author Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) wrote of their Sunday essay discussing the proposed Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

Reproductive rights advocates say the time period “infanticide” is a wildly faulty illustration of what scientific pros are in fact doing.

The arguable invoice, which used to be presented through Sasse in January, threatened jail time for docs who didn’t supply vital hospital therapy to an toddler born alive right through an tried late-term abortion. The act failed to triumph over a Democratic filibuster within the Senate final month. 

“The current debate is about whether or not it’s OK to deprive newborns of appropriate medical care,” claimed Sasse and McCain, a co-host of ABC’s “The View,” within the WSJ essay. They added that “fundamental American principles demand that we protect babies from cruel mistreatment.”

In truth, docs say that the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act used to be useless from the beginning. Medical pros document that it’s just about inconceivable for babies to be born alive right through late-term abortions. Additionally, many combatants of the invoice famous that homicide and infanticide are already unlawful. 

“This debate is about infanticide,” the WSJ essay mentioned. “Planned Parenthood is defending that crime. Many in the national media are overlooking it. Democratic politicians are hiding from it. But the American people are repulsed by it. The recent vote was a missed opportunity to protect the most vulnerable among us. But it will not be the last.” 

Melanie Roussell Newman, the senior vp of communications and tradition for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, known as McCain’s and Sasse’s op-ed “offensive misinformation” in a commentary to HuffPost.  

“Senator Sasse and Meaghan McCain are lying and making claims that are not based in medicine or reality. That’s why the medical community is overwhelmingly opposed to this legislation,” Roussell Newman mentioned. “This is yet another part of Republican leadership’s broader attacks on health care. The essay is nothing more than the tired lies, dangerous ideology, and offensive misinformation that politicians have used time and again to try to ban safe and legal abortion.”

Dr. Kristyn Brandi, an OB-GYN with coaching in circle of relatives making plans and a board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health, debunked lots of the claims at the back of the failed invoice in an interview with Vox revealed Monday. Brandi mentioned that an toddler surviving abortion is one thing “that can never happen” as a result of the federal partial-birth abortion ban handed in 2003. 

“Under that law, something has to be done to the pregnancy to stop it from growing prior to the abortion happening, specifically to avoid the scenario where a potential pregnancy is delivered and could survive outside of the patient,” Brandi advised Vox. “We have to do something to the pregnancy in order to prevent this from happening, so it’s already off the table.”

The physician added that the problematic myths about late-term abortions incessantly rise up when other people conflate abortion care with so-called convenience care through grieving oldsters. 

“There are some patients that are in a similar scenario where their pregnancy outcome, for whatever reason, either a fetal anomaly or something in their medical situation, did not result in a pregnancy that will survive for very long outside of them,” she mentioned.

“And so some patients elect to undergo something similar to a labor induction, which allows them to deliver what they call their baby and be able to actually spend time with it and be able to offer it comfort care,” Brandi added. “… It’s really terribly heartbreaking scenarios where it’s a desired pregnancy that people want to spend last moments with before this baby passes.”

Late-term abortions contain only one p.c of all abortions within the U.S. When those abortions happen, it’s in most cases because of excessive well being causes like the mum’s existence is in peril or the kid will probably be born with a genetic abnormality that makes existence outdoor the womb just about inconceivable. 

Head over to The Wall Street Journal to learn McCain’s and Sasse’s essay in complete. 

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