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[MISC] Milia extractions? What are your thoughts? : SkincareAddiction

[MISC] Milia extractions? What are your ideas? : SkincareAddiction

Hey guys! Long time lurker, first submit right here.

First off, an enormous shoutout to this sub for the entire recommendation I’ve received during the last few months. I’ve enormously modified my skin care regimen and my pores and skin is glassy and sparkling!

Now, I’ve had milia for the previous four or so years, and whilst they to start with popped up as only a couple white spots right here and there, previously 12 months they’ve greater in quantity, such a lot in order that I’m making an allowance for having an aesthetician test them out for extraction.

What are your studies with milia extraction? Any ideas/warnings? I’m pondering of having it carried out the next day to come and subsequent week (I’ll most likely want more than one extractions) sooner than I head off on my go back and forth to Asia.

Thanks upfront!


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