Overanalyzing; need advice on future direction

Overanalyzing; need advice on future direction

Hey all,

(Words in daring are the primary items of knowledge for individuals who do not care to learn my complete put up.)

I have been following Martin Berkhan’s paradigm of leangains (opposite pyramid coaching, intermittent fasting, extremely-high protein, and carb/fats/caloric biking) since remaining June and whilst I have received respectable effects, I am undecided how I must continue from my present state and I am posting to invite for advice and proposals. Please endure with my long put up — I am an overanalyzer and overthinker, and I sorely need some advice/optimistic grievance to set me directly. For reference, listed below are some footage I took this morning of my body, with none water/meals intake and after the use of the restroom:

I’ve a historical past of fuckarounditis and I perceive my present body and energy is mediocre for the reason that I began lifting five.five years in the past and feature been monitoring energy for the previous 2+ years. When I started adhering to RPT ( in early-June 2018, I used to be more or less 170 lbs and reduce to 155 via October; after which I bulked to 159 between mid-October till the New Year’s. I have been on a reduce once more for the reason that get started of the brand new yr as a result of I noticed I used to be at a far upper frame fats share than I had concept myself to be (round 15% via my visible estimation.) Now, I am sitting beneath 150 for the primary time since I used to be a junior in highschool. I feel I’m these days at 10-11% frame fats and I’m internally debating whether or not I must reduce for a couple of extra weeks or begin to building up my energy and simplicity right into a lean bulk.

My present stats are five’eight and 149.Three lbs (these days’s weigh-in)/150.6 lbs (newest weekly reasonable), and my most up-to-date topsets for the most important lifts had been: 8×245 Squat, 6×370 TnG Conventional Deadlift, 3×185 Bench, 6xBW+80 Chin-Ups, and 4×125 Overhead Press. My energy has regressed most probably because of my bodily job (I bike-commute all over) and do yoga Three-Four days per week on best of low-intensity aerobic (incline strolling at a 13 grade and a pair of.eight mph on a treadmill) Four days per week all of the whilst consuming at a caloric deficit. I have been continuously losing a few pounds at more or less zero.6 to zero.7 lbs per week with a weekly reasonable caloric intake of 2200, and this corresponds to a median TDEE of ~2675. I’m carb and calorie biking; 2700 on exercise days and 1800 on relaxation days – normally hitting 400 carbs/220 protein/20 fats within the former and 40-70 carbs/180-190 protein/90-100 fats within the latter. I monitor all of the meals I devour all the way down to the gram and deal with a spreadsheet of my day-to-day frame weight.

Current regimen:

Mondays: motorbike trip (35-ish mins of biking); lively relaxation day – simple yoga regimen
Tuesdays: motorbike trip, 1 mile on treadmill @ 13 grade and a pair of.eight mph, simple yoga regimen
Wednesdays: motorbike trip, lifting + 1 mile on treadmill @ 13 grade and a pair of.eight mph
Thursdays: motorbike trip; lively relaxation day – 1.five hour slow-flow yoga magnificence at a studio
Fridays: motorbike trip, lifting + 1 mile on treadmill @ 13 grade and a pair of.eight mph
Saturdays: motorbike journey (25-ish mins of biking) – if no motorbike journey, 1.five mile on treadmill at similar settings; deep stretch yoga regimen at house (30-40 minutes)
Sundays: motorbike trip, lifting + 1 mile on treadmill @ 13 grade and a pair of.eight mph

Wednesdays: 2×6 RPT Deadlifts, 3×8 RPT OHP, 2×10 RPT Curls
Fridays: 3×8 RPT Bench, 3×8 RPT Chest-Supported Rows, 2×10 RPT Close Grip Bench Press, 3×20 Face Pulls
Sundays: 3×8 RPT Squat, 2×15 Seated Calf Raise, 3×8 RPT Weighted Chin-Ups

On RPT, my perfect operating units had been (Nov-Dec lifts):
TnG Deadlift: 405×11
Low-Bar Squat: 8×260
Bench Press: 7×180/6×185
Overhead Press: 6×125

My non-public all-time PR’s are:
Touch-and-Go Sumo Deadlift: 405×11 @ ~156 – again in mid-November
Low-Bar Squat: 8×260 @ 158 – January 6, 2019
Bench Press: 1×235 @ ~165 – again in January 2015
Overhead Press: 1×165 @ ~160 – again in August 2016

All of that is to mention, I would like to listen to ideas about the place I must continue from right here: do I stay chopping to set myself up for an extended bulk or prevent chopping and get started bulking – I might say my utmost precedence is to extend my muscle tissues particularly with a focal point on the higher frame whilst staying lean and energy is secondary to my present objectives (even though I do know they are no longer mutually unique); and whilst I perceive gaining fats inevitably accompanies muscle synthesis, even attending to 13-14% destroys my self assurance — and this has contributed to my fuckarounditis and me spinning my wheels. If I’m to lean-bulk, I have been taking into account Martin’s Four-day RPT program, PHUL, Fierce five, and PHAT, and I might be open to every other systems. However, time is a big attention for me given my tasks as a PhD pupil — Four days is potential for me and I am hesitant to decide to a five day program, however summer time spoil is coming in not up to two months so I must have extra time for the fitness center then. What would you do should you had been in my sneakers? I would respect any advice, ideas, optimistic grievance you must be offering me to influence me directly, and if I may supply any more information that might higher contextualize my state of affairs, please let me know. Thanks for all of your time and assist!


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