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[Personal] Weird derm appointment; “fungal acne isn’t a thing” ?! : SkincareAddiction

[Personal] Weird derm appointment; “fungal acne isn’t a thing” ?! : SkincareAddiction

I have been coping with tiny, itchy zits on my chest and again for years, and through dealing I imply ignoring them as a result of I assume they did not hassle me that a lot. But lately I were given into skin care and I have been taking higher care of my pores and skin, so I in spite of everything made up our minds to handle the irritating, itchy zits. I suspected it used to be fungal acne, so I washed my chest and again with Head&Shoulders shampoo, and my pores and skin used to be much less itchy and no more pink than same old. Unfortunately I could not in finding any Zinc cleaning soap, however I grabbed some sulfur cleaning soap and Nizoral cream from the drugstore and figured I would use them and notice what occurs. Well, 3 weeks later I nonetheless have a few zits left, however they are now not infected anymore and they are much less itchy. I did not know what to make of this so I went to peer a derm and…

She laughed once I instructed her I think it is fungal acne, she mentioned “there is no such factor as fungal acne”. I figured possibly I translated it improper so I attempted to give an explanation for what I supposed however she simply laughed it off and mentioned I’ve “some sort of Folliculitis” and I will have to ditch the Nizoral cream. She additionally mentioned “acne cannot be itchy”, that my pores and skin is most likely itchy as a result of I do not moisturise it after the use of sulfur cleaning soap (my again and chest have been at all times itchy it doesn’t matter what I used).

I extensively utilized sulfur cleaning soap and Nizoral cream on my face (I do know..), for approximately two weeks, and it perceived to work-most of my “CCs”/zits have been long gone, however I finished as a result of my pores and skin used to be extraordinarily dry after washing it (doh). I instructed her I feel I broken my moisture barrier and he or she once more mentioned “fungal acne is now not a factor”.

I instructed the the explanations I thought my brow acne used to be fungal, my scalp was in point of fact itchy and I even had dandruff on my brow, which I controlled to heal through the use of fungal acne secure merchandise and chopping out sulfates and silicones from my hair merchandise (and coconut oil. fuck coconut oil!). She identified me with seb derm, prescribed me a cream and Avene Xeracalm Balm. I additionally requested her if it might be secure for me to make use of Skinoren (azelaic acid) since my moisture barrier is broken and he or she mentioned “sure, just don’t expect any results for the first month”.

I am puzzled as hell these days, I have no idea why she would say fungal acne isn’t a factor, however then prescribe me an anti-fungal cream. Her recommendation does not appear horrible : prevent the use of ketoconazole cream, most effective use sulfur cleaning soap as soon as a day on again and chest, use a delicate cleanser for face, moisturise neatly after, I am simply seeking to perceive the “no such thing as F.A.” phase. I will most likely see any other derm and request a biopsy to peer if my acne is fungal or bacterial, and hope they are going to listen me out.

TL;DR: went to derm for what I consider is fungal acne, derm laughs and says “fungal acne isn’t a thing”, I am puzzled af.


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