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Quitting fast food : loseit

Quitting fast food : loseit

So, first time poster right here on r/loseit.

I have misplaced about 180lbs (went from 450lbs to recently about 270lbs). I have plateaued and I am running on getting via it however I am coping with what can perfect be described as a fast food dependancy.

I comprehend it’s dangerous and hindering my weight reduction however it is tough. Giving up fast food and soda were my final dangerous food and drink alternatives. I have scale back A TON however nonetheless devour fast food and drink soda.

Here’s my query: is there the rest you all have discovered that lend a hand curb those cravings? I drink al.kdt a gallon of water an afternoon so I am already doing that.

Thanks such a lot for any recommendation or pointers.


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