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r/Fitness Community Campfires : Fitness

r/Fitness Community Campfires : Fitness


Later this month we are going to get started operating a brand new collection of sharing / dialogue threads we are calling “Community Campfires”. The idea of those threads is for customers who’ve had good fortune in overcoming a selected roughly problem for his or her health to proportion their revel in with the group (as one may proportion stories of victory round a campfire) of what labored for them, and resolution questions that any one may have about it.

Keep in thoughts as you take part what the supposed theme is – A gaggle of other people with the similar objectives sitting round a campfire sharing their revel in for the advantage of everybody listening. We need those threads to be blank, targeted, and prime quality, so they are going to have some strict laws and might be moderated closely. Those laws are as follows:

  • Top degree feedback will have to proportion the main points of one thing that labored so that you can triumph over the problem / remedy the issue of the subject. Comments which are inquiring for recommendation or simplest speaking about what did not paintings might be got rid of.

  • Replies to best degree feedback will have to be a query for the commentor concerning the revel in that they shared.

  • Comments will have to be predominantly critical. Comments that consist only or essentially of a comic story might be got rid of.

  • Comments will have to be civil and observe the Principle of Charity.

We’ll be reiterating those laws every time a brand new thread is posted so they are transparent and visual.

Campfire subjects are going to center of attention principally on demanding situations which are attached or adjoining to health, slightly than the traditional fare of coaching or nutrition sort questions. Each thread will run for 2 weeks and occupy the highest sticky slot for visibility. Our present deliberate agenda is underneath:

Date Topic
11/19/2018 Working Out within the Morning
12/three/2018 Managing Your Diet When You Don’t Fully Control It
12/17/2018 Keeping On Track During the Holidays
12/31/2018 Social Conflicts with SO / Friends / Family / Co-Workers About Diet or Exercise
1/14/2019 Social Conflicts on the Gym
1/28/2019 Time Management and Fitting Exercise Into a Busy Life
2/11/2019 Getting Over First Day Jitters
2/25/2019 Managing Alcohol While Pursuing Fitness
three/11/2019 Getting a Friend / Family Member / SO Into Fitness
three/25/2019 Eating Less Sugar and Junk Food
four/eight/2019 Managing Hunger While Losing Weight
four/22/2019 Managing Your Diet While Traveling
five/6/2019 Exercising While Traveling
five/20/2019 Sticking With It When You Feel Like Giving Up
6/three/2019 Managing Sweat, BO, and Sweaty Clothes
6/17/2019 Fitness Related Skin Care

To make it extra transparent what’s on subject for the threads, the put up itself can have extra main points integrated, in addition to reiterating the foundations.

If you’ve got any tips for Campfire subjects to run after we now have completed the present agenda, please proportion them right here.


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