Reverse dieting advice (for my specific case) : Fitness

Reverse dieting advice (for my specific case) : Fitness

Hi, im 29, male, 191cm (6’2)

1 jan 2019 ; 91kg (200lb)

five apr 2019 ; 83kg (183lb)

So I have been chopping since jan 1st 2019. For some unknown explanation why this time I if truth be told had insane motivation and I went sturdy up untill lately which marks the tip of my reduce. I meticulously tracked my energy and skilled with Reddits PPL (I did PPLPP).

My reduce; month 1 2300kcal, month 2 2100kcal, remaining month 2000kcal. Id say my caloric deficit was once, accounting for my TDEE steadily getting decrease, all the time round 400-600 kcal.

Lately my lifts are stalling, im noticing larger starvation and my power ranges on the fitness center are getting decrease. As I am more than happy with the extent of leanness im at presently, I have determined to begin my lean bulk.

Im making plans on bulking at ~2900kcal, thats round a 200-400 kcal surplus. And that brings me to my query; do I instantly leap into 2900 tomorrow / do I steadily building up kcal 300/week / do I’m going upkeep 1 week, then to my surplus!? I have heard such a lot of other claims and other advise… Some other folks fail to remember opposite dieting altogether and a few other folks even pass as far as telling me to extend energy by way of 50 each week untill I succeed in my bulk energy… that may imply I am getting to 2900 in 18 weeks!?!?!

Love to listen to your advice guys, thank you 🙂


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