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[Skin Concern] Very congested skin, anyone dealt with the same issue? : SkincareAddiction

[Skin Concern] Very congested pores and skin, anyone dealt with the same factor? : SkincareAddiction

(that is my first put up so I am not positive what I am doing so let me know if I am doing one thing unsuitable)

I have were given in reality in reality congested pores and skin, principally on cheeks and jaw but additionally a bit on my brow. It’s a mix of blackheads/closed comedones (I feel) with every now and then conventional pimples taste spots. My pores and skin sort is standard to dry.

I’ve attempted BP, a number of Oral antibiotics and salicylic acid/lactic acid from the Ordinary. I discovered not anything in reality stepped forward my pores and skin however at the moment I have been the usage of in reality mild cleaners/face washes to take away any extra make-up and every now and then Balance me congested pores and skin serum. I take advantage of a Demol 500 moisturiser to stay the patches of eczema at bay.

I am not in reality clued up on skin care however I did not need to shove a number of issues on my pores and skin to throw it off stability however I have no idea if its value requesting extra antibiotics or if anyone has the rest that they did to mend this? I am in my 20’s so I am pissed off that it did not transparent up as ‘teenage’ pores and skin.


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