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[Skin Concerns] Is there anything that I am completely missing about my skin? Please advise! : SkincareAddiction

[Skin Concerns] Is there anything that I am completely missing about my pores and skin? Please advise! : SkincareAddiction

i imply, there are a couple of elements that may give a contribution to the oiliness:

for one, idk how lengthy you might have been the use of a vit C serum, but if i 1st began the use of 1, my face used to be very oily the first two weeks or so, then my pores and skin tailored and i used to be effective (even after different steps like essence, oil, & moisturizer)

two, you might be the use of a vic C within the morning with out making use of sunscreen (will have to be the use of sunscreen in any case whether or not or no longer you might be the use of a vit C, and within the AM or PM) so you might be mainly the use of an energetic w/o protective your pores and skin from exterior stressors (UVB, UVA, pollution, and so on)… plus, anyone w/ your pores and skin tone will have to def use a sunscreen (perhaps a standard one + tinted one)… individually, my pimples all the time will get worse when i am going outdoor w/o the use of a sunscreen

3, the elements may play into the oiliness as smartly… like, i exploit diff moisturizers & sunscreens for chillier & warmer months


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