Success with a compound-only routine? : Fitness

Success with a compound-only regimen? : Fitness

So the day gone by, I hit the Three-month mark with my present regimen, and as same old, that is in regards to the time I make a decision I am bored as hell and wish to transfer issues up for my sanity’s sake. Previous regimen (higher physique) is structured like this:

  1. Flat Bench (Alternating BB / DB day by day)

  2. Incline Bench (Alternating DB / BB day by day)

  3. Pull-Up (Alternating Grip Daily)

  4. Bent-Over Row

  5. OHP (Alternating BB / DB day by day) / Face Pull SS

  6. Bicep Isolation (Alternating BB / DB day by day)

  7. Tricep Isolation (Alternating BB / DB day by day)

My least favourite a part of my workout routines is shifting from workout to workout, the place I’ve to change the weights / kit / and so forth. Yesterday I had a shit day at paintings, had a pounding headache, however knew I needed to hit the fitness center in any case, however wasn’t within the temper for the burden/equipment-swapping bullshit. So, I determined to stay it easy and turn it as much as the beneath.

  1. Flat Bench (double set quantity)

  2. Bent-Over Row – Supinated Grip (double set quantity)

  3. OHP (double set quantity)

This was once a a lot more ‘tolerable’ enjoy for me. I liked now not having to take into consideration plates at the bar, swapping kit, and so forth. It were given me questioning… How a lot good fortune may just somebody enjoy the usage of a compound-only regimen with out direct isolation paintings? My upper-body common sense for the above workout routines was once as follows…

  1. The flat bench hits Chest, shoulders, and triceps

  2. The Bent-Over Row with supinated grip hits again and biceps (and a few core stabilization)

  3. OHP finishes frying the shoulders (and a few core stabilization)

The hope was once that by means of going apeshit at the quantity, triceps and biceps can be getting what they wanted even with out isolations. That being mentioned, I am positive I may just realistically give them extra paintings nonetheless the usage of isolations afterwards. Of route, if I proceed this taste of regimen, I would make day by day changes very similar to my authentic regimen (i.e.: would exchange between flat bench and incline bench, pull-ips and bent over rows, and so forth…)

Is there a program constructed round not anything however compounds? Is this a doubtlessly first rate method? I in reality loved this ‘easy’ taste of exercise, with restricted workout routines and prime quantity.



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