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[Sun Care] Is there even a point in wearing sunscreen in my situation? : SkincareAddiction

[Sun Care] Is there even a point in wearing sunscreen in my state of affairs? : SkincareAddiction

I’m a type of individuals who ALWAYS talks concerning the significance of wearing sunscreen, however is there in truth any point in wearing it in my state of affairs?

I most effective paintings for two hours consistent with day and four days a week and I are living proper subsequent to the place I paintings, on two of the times I’ve to get able and placed on sunscreen at 7am and I’ve to stroll house at 10am which takes about 6 mins, and at the different two days I’ve to get able at 11am and stroll there at 1pm and stroll house at 3pm, which takes about 12 mins in overall Walking from and to paintings is just about the one publicity to the solar I am getting as a result of I don’t ever pass outdoor and I are living in northern europe lol

You’re intended to use sunscreen like each 2 hours, so does hanging it on at 7am/11am even have any impact in any respect once I stroll house at 10am/3pm? Since I exploit basis and concealer I will be able to’t in reality deliver it with me and put it on sooner than strolling house, is there another answer? Also if it issues, I’m 18 and I’m extraordinarily light, I’m very cautious about being the solar and I’ve been since I used to be 12 so I’m guessing I don’t have a lot solar harm but

To summarize….Is hanging on sunscreen four hours sooner than it’s a must to stroll outdoor for 6-12 mins value it whilst you are living in Northern Europe and the ones 6-12 mins are just about the one publicity to the solar you get right through all of the day lol


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