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Taking perishable foods (meat) on a short flight? : AskCulinary

Taking perishable foods (meat) on a short flight? : AskCulinary

Hey guys,

So I’m at my folks space out of state for a little bit and was once going again to the state the place I am going to university in a few days.

One of the issues I like about coming house is the superior number of grocery shops. The state the place I these days reside for college simply can’t fit the range.

I sought after to carry some meals with me on a short flight (2 hour flight with about 2 hours within the airport or so). Specifically, the foods are such things as duck bacon, red meat and veal salami, and a few different just right deli meats. The duck bacon and each salami are uncured, only for context.

I used to be considering of freezing it till proper prior to I go away for the airport, after which placing it in an insulated lunch bag proper prior to I go away to the airport and packing it both in my checked baggage or raise on (if area allows)

Is this a forged concept? I used to be in search of enter for another tips that can assist. Also, I by no means heard of freezing deli meats (no longer the uncured stuff) so I used to be curious if it will by some means damage it.

any enter could be favored


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