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Tip: Double-Down Triceps Training | T Nation

Tip: Double-Down Triceps Training | T Nation

Compound units are other than supersets. A superset is while you do two workout routines for 2 other muscle teams back-to-back, like bench presses for chest then barbell rows for again.

A compound set comes to two workout routines for the SAME muscle workforce, hitting the gang from other angles. Here’s a really perfect compound set for triceps:

  • A1. Dip, max reps. Rest 15 seconds, then…

  • A2. French Press, 10-12 reps

Dips are nice for emphasizing the lateral head of the triceps and following up with a French press looks after the lengthy head of the triceps, which is the section maximum lifters battle to broaden. The farther overhead you progress your fingers for triceps paintings, the extra you can stimulate the lengthy head.

Higher-reps paintings nice right here, as heavier weights can create elbow tension if the angles don’t seem to be good.

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