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Using hotel pans for stovetop steaming- need help! : AskCulinary

Using hotel pans for stovetop steaming- need lend a hand! : AskCulinary

I am a house cook dinner and am attempting to determine if a collection of hotel pans could be a excellent choice for steaming massive batches of meals.

My thought could be to place a full-sized four inch deep hotel pan with water throughout 2 burners, then position a full-sized 2.five inch perforated hotel pan with a lid on most sensible of it, with the meals to be steamed within the perforated pan. The thought could be that it could give my much more floor space to cook dinner the meals in comparison to a standard steamer which will require much more batches.

I have by no means used hotel pans, however this turns out like a excellent resolution. Can somebody with some extra revel in with hotel pans be offering some comments as as to whether it kind of feels like this might paintings?


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