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when does the number on the scale change?

when does the number on the scale alternate?

first off i’m new to reddit lol i’m now not positive methods to even use
it however my bf is hooked on it and he has a illness so he’s
gotten numerous recommendation from right here and that is principally his house
base for social media (im extra of a twitter woman myself) so i
determined to present it a check out

in 2017 i misplaced 25 kilos in two and a part months, i went from
198 to 172 as a result of i labored out on a regular basis and ate smartly. i additionally
labored at a quick meals task, so i used to be doing a minimum of 8k steps an afternoon.
lengthy tale brief my bf were given in poor health, i finished being concerned, were given depressed,
smoked numerous weed, moved throughout the nation, now i’m 241
kilos. LOL proper. i’m recently 241 and that i wish to be at
170, the place i used to be in point of fact proud of my frame. im five’five if that

i’m seeking to drop a few pounds and i do know i’ve simplest been operating
out for every week however i intention to do aerobic and lose 1000 energy on the
treadmill on a regular basis (which is ready three miles at 12 incline and three.2
pace) + top arm reps and occasional weight (30lb) and squats. the similar
precise factor as i did prior to to drop a few pounds. it used to be a whole 360
for me, i ate out so much and drank soda and that i paintings at a table task so
i’m sitting down for eight hours an afternoon. i modified my vitamin every week
prior to this, however got to work out on a regular basis this previous monday. i
don’t consume unhealthy in any respect, actually. i’ve been operating my butt off
to peer effects for the week, a minimum of ONE pound. as a substitute i’ve now not
misplaced ONE unmarried pound. in truth i GAINED A POUND!!! i’m simply
at a loss for words as a result of i misplaced 25 kilos in 2.five months and now that i’m
waaaay heavier than i used to be prior to how am i now not losing weight
more straightforward? can somebody give an explanation for this to me or like am i now not doing it
proper? am i simply being impatient? it’s so discouraging 🙁

AND YES I KNOW it’s simplest been every week however ONE POUND!! significantly
now not even one!!!!! WHHHYYYYY

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