Work schedule hindering progress? : Fitness

Work schedule hindering development? : Fitness

Hi everybody,

I paintings complete time in the United Kingdom ambulance provider. I paintings blocks of 12 hour shifts, each days and nights. I ceaselessly do Four-Five shifts in a row.

I to find that while I’m at paintings, I combat to get to the gymnasium after paintings because of tiredness. I get up at 04:50 and get house at 18:45. This leads to me no longer going to the gymnasium for Four-Five days, then going to the gymnasium Four-Five days on a run.

Is this going to be hindering my development? Do I simply wish to recover from the tiredness and move to the gymnasium after paintings? Going very first thing within the morning isn’t an choice because of the gymnasium no longer being open, and I truthfully don’t wish to rise up any previous than 04:50.


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